How To Enroll

Forum welcomes students from all over the world with different levels of English proficiency who are interested in learning English for academic preparation and/or English for personal or professional development.  Forum works with students ages 16 and up.


Please follow the five steps below and join the Forum family today!  

If you live out of state then please call or e-mail us for more information about the application process.  

Step 1:

Explore our English programs here!

Step 2:

Check the calendar to see when the next session starts. Call or e-mail to schedule a free consultation for more information.

Step 3:

You will need to take an English placement test so that we can determine your level of English proficiency and let you know whether your level is being offered.  We prefer that you take the placement test at least three days in advance of the start of classes.  Please call or e-mail us to schedule a free English placement test at our center.  All placement testing is free.

Step 4:

Once you have taken the placement test and we determine that your level is being offered, you will complete all of the necessary application forms at our center and register for classes.

Step 5:

The application fee and books fees must be paid before attending the first scheduled class.  Tuition can be made in payments if a student cannot pay the entire tuition upfront.

Please keep the following policies in mind regarding registration.  For a full-list of registration and payment policies please see the Student Handbook.   

Policies Related to Registration

Registration Policy

Forum does not have a set registration period; students can register at any time before the start of a new session.  Applicants can register for class up until the first day of the start of a session.  Applicants must complete the application form at the center.  The application fee must be paid in order to formally register an applicant and a hold a place for them.  If Forum is ordering the books on behalf of the student then the books fees in addition to the application fee must be paid in order to officially register an applicant.  During registration, applicants must also bring a photo ID and other supporting documentation to verify their identity and their immigration status in the United States.  Returning students to do not need pay the application fee if they return to Forum within two years, but they will need to pay part of their tuition fees in order to reserve a space for an upcoming session.  If an applicant is under eighteen years of age, he/she must obtain the signature of their guardian for all of Forum’s application forms. 


Late Enrollment Policy for Part-Time Programs

Applicants can be admitted up to the days outlined below in order to receive a complete grade in a course for the Semi-Intensive, Workshop and Test Preparation Programs (five and eight week programs). Late enrollees will have to still pay full tuition. Any days they missed due to late enrollment, will be counted toward their attendance requirement of 80%. Late enrollees are responsible for making up any coursework and assessments that they missed.


  • Semi-Intensive: Applicants have up to the four days from the start of the session to join
  • Five-Week Test Preparation Program: Applicants have up to the four days from the start of the session to join
  • Eight-Week Test Preparation Program: Applicants have up to five days from the start of the session to join
  • American English & Culture Workshop: Applicants have up to two days from the start of the session to join


Short-Term Program Policy for Part-Time Programs

In the Semi-Intensive, Workshop and Test Preparation Programs students are allowed to join during a session in-progress for a short period of time. Specifically, for the Semi-Intensive Program this policy applies to students who do not plan on continuing to the next level. Students joining a session in-progress must understand that the teacher is not expected to repeat information already covered. Students are not required to make-up assignments and will not receive a complete grade. Instead grades will be calculated based on partial completion of whichever assessments a student was able to complete.


Waiting List Policy: 

There may be cases where an applicant completes the placement test but Forum is unable to determine if it will be offering that level for an applicant due to scheduling difficulties.  If this is the case, then students are placed on a waiting list and contacted before or on the start of the session in order to be notified on whether or not there is an available course for them or if they will need to wait until another session.


Terms and Conditions:

Forum Intensive English Center reserves the right to determine classes, levels and schedules for all students.  Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.  The required $50 application fee and book fees are non-refundable.