How to Transfer Your F-1 Visa

One thing many F-1 Visa students have learned during the Covid-19 pandemic is that not all Intensive English programs are created equal, and not all schools have the capability to fully serve students during times like these. Here at Forum we are up and learning, each and every day! That’s why many students have decided to transfer their F-1 Visa and join our community!

Here’s how…..

How To Transfer Your F-1 Visa To Another School

F-1 English language training students are welcome to transfer for the summer semester starting on May 18th.  As long as your last day in class at your current school is after December 18th, you should be able to transfer your I-20 (F-1 visa) to Forum for the summer semester.   To find out if you are eligible to transfer please contact Maria at [email protected].

How to Transfer F1 Visa To Another School (Form I-20): To transfer your F1 visa (Form I-20) to Forum, just follow the instructions below:

  • Apply to Forum by following the instructions on this link:
  • Notify your current school that you would like to transfer and provide them with the acceptance letter that Forum will provide to you upon your acceptance.
  • Forum staff will work with your current school to process your transfer and Forum will call you to schedule a placement test.

Forum hopes to offer in-person classes at its center for the summer semester starting on May 18, but administrators will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation closely and listen to the guidance of state and federal health officials.  In the meantime, the school will be cleaned and disinfected to ensure a safe facility upon our reopening.

Can International Students Transfer School in the US?  Yes! Transferring is simple.  You can read more about the process on the Study in the States:

How To Transfer Your F-1 Visa


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