Forum offers classes during weekdays in the morning, afternoon and evening. The levels and class times offered will depend on the demand and enrollment for each session. Please call or e-mail to check the availability of class times and levels.
Calendar & Schedule for Part-Time Programs (Semi-Intensive English Program and Test Preparation Programs)

The Semi-Intensive program consists of 8 levels. Each level provides 96 hours of instruction and takes eight weeks to complete with 12 hours of study per week. Classes are held three hours every day Monday through Thursday.

The Test Preparation Program is offered at a five or eight-week interval. The five-week program provides 75 hours of training and the eight-week program provides 120 hours of training. Both programs are 15 hours a week with classes held three hours every day Monday through Friday.

Part-time programs are typically offered from 1:00 to 4:00 pm, 5:30 - 8: 30 pm or 6:00 - 9:00 pm. Please call if you need a part-time program in the morning.
Calendar & Schedule for the Intensive English Program
The Intensive English Program consists of seven levels. Each level provides 288 hours of instruction and takes 16 weeks to complete with 18 hours of study per week.

Classes are held four and a half hours Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. There is also an option to take a part-time classes for 16 hours per week or extended version of the program for 20 hours per week.

Please call for more information about these programs.

2019 Semi-Intensive Calendar & Test Prep Sessions
Last 2018 Session Dec. 3 Jan. 18
Session 1 February March
Session 2 April May
Session 3 June July
Session 4 August September
Session 5 October November
Session 6 November December
Upcoming Intensive Calendar
2018 Fall Semeseter September 4 December 21 August 27 - 28 September 7
2019 Spring Semester January 7 April 26 January 3 - 4 January 9
2019 Summer Semester May 6 August 23 May 2 - 3 May 8
2019 Fall Semester September 3 December 20 August 29 - 30 September 5
2019 Holiday Breaks
Memorial Day May 27
Intensive Spring Break April 29 May 3
Independence Day July 4
Intensive Summer Break August 26 August 30
Labor Day September 2
Colombus Day October 14
Thanksgiving November 27 November 29
Christmas Break December 23 January 3


The application fee is only a one-time fee and is non-refundable. The cost of books varies depending on the program, the shipping costs and whether the books are new or used. Students have the option to purchase their own books. If a student would like Forum to purchase the books then the book fees are non-refundable.

Intensive English Program (7 levels)
Application Fee for non-F1 students $50
Application Fee for F-1 students $100
Tuition for 1 Level (288 hours) $2,200.00
Books for 1 Level $50.00-$170.00

*Mandatory shipping fee of $75 to mail I-20 to international students.

Semi-Intensive English Program (8 levels)
Application Fee $50
Tuition (96 hours) $950.00
Books $50.00

*Books usually last more than one session.

Test Preparation Program (5 and 8 week)
Application Fee $50
8-Week Program Tuition (120 hours) $1,700.00
5-Week Program Tuition (75 hours) $1,200.00
Books $40.00-$60.00