Ricardo, Argentina
"I took two courses and I have significantly improved my English language skills: speaking, reading and writing comprehension, and listening.  The teacher addressed all my concerns and needs and used varied teaching and learning strategies.  Every class was different and I never got bored. The classes have a high academic standard. I had fun every day."
Laudeci, Brazil

"I am so happy that I chose Forum Intensive English Center for my TOEFL preparation test. Professor Susie is a highly knowledgeable professional that has been teaching English for over 37 years. She is very passionate and enthusiastic about teaching and goes out of her way to help us build self-confidence and reach our goals. She uses a variety of carefully selected techniques and materials, which make each class entertaining and worthwhile. I highly recommend Forum to everyone who is trying to either improve general English skills or get prepared for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC.  Thank you Dr. Susie & Maria for all the effort toward our learning process and for going out of your way to accommodate our schedule."

Ekaterina, Russia

"I always highly recommend this school to everyone! I finished one of the school programs several months ago. I had been studying there for 6 months and I loved every day spent there. Before I started the school the level of my English was close to "zero"and I was able to use only a several phrases in English, my vocabulary was limited. But the unique method of Dr. Susie in teaching English (plus hard work of course ) was excellent and did wonders!!! I'm serious. Dr Susie is a"Grammar Queen" and she knows everything about the excellent teaching! She ALWAYS listened to us, corrected our speaking during the class time, and even outside the classes - any time!!! She helped us with any issues or concerns! I remember one embarrassing moment from my trip to West Virginia. I was at a ski resort and went to a cafe for a cup of tea, I was exhausted after snowboarding and was dreaming about some hot tea... ☕️ So, in the cafe I asked the waitress for a cup of hot tea. It seemed like it must be very easy and simple to ask for that, but for some reasons the waitress didn't understand me. I repeated my order to her for several times and tried using different ways... After I got my hot tea and left the cafe I started crying...Then I texted to Dr. Susie about that ridiculous situation and she assured me that I said everything correctly and suggested to go together to other places to practice ordering hot tea or something else... And we did it!!!  I appreciate her a lot for supporting me at that time. We also had a lot of fun at school (parties, games, picnics...) and those moments will stay with me forever... I can say many warm words about the best school, the amazing teacher and the time spent there but you should go through that wonderful experience yourself.️ My warmest wishes to Dr. Susie and Maria You are still the best school!!!"

Bianca, Brazil

"I learned a lot in three months of classes. Excellent teachers, environment, and methodology. I improved my English and had fun at the same time! Thank you!"

Carlo, Italy

  "I went to Forum English center in Alexandria for only two weeks last september. Although I had a few time, I wondered my Language because I found an excellent atmosphere, a stimulating enviroment and a very expert teacher. I really appreciated the method, that improves necessarely your conversation because makes you comfortable in the class, and picks up your entire familiarity with life in United States. So, I sincerely advice Forum English center to anybody!"

Alex, Brazil

"I have studied in Forum English Course for some months and it was the best choice I could have done. The team is really friendly and they are always trying to figure out and to supply the needs of the students. Whereas, the best is the teaching method, wich is rich, dynamic and complete. I just can compliment and recommend Forum English Course."

Eda, Turkey

"I had been searching for an IELTS preparation course for so long when I finally came across Forum Intensive English Centre. I don't know why, but my gut feeling instantly made me choose intensive forum as soon as I met Susie. She exuded confidence, which convinced me that she could help me to achieve my goals. I graduated from an English translation department, however I always thought that I lacked the necessary writing skills to study in the States. Susie helped me incredibly in the IELTS preparation process. Within a few weeks, she taught me how to brainstorm, organize my thoughts and outline my essays. Before I started the course, I could barely write a 250-word essay. However, I am pretty sure that I wrote over 400 words in the actual exam:) Susie encapsulates all the characteristics of a marvelous teacher. She is passionate about teaching and learning; she cares about her students and above all she respects your ideas and she BELIEVES in you. This way she motivates you to feel confident about yourself and inspires a life-long passion for English. Up until I met Susie, I had had 2 incredible teachers that I had always remembered with respect. From the bottom of my heart, I can now easily say that I have had 3 amazing teachers that have changed my life for the better. Thanks for everything Susie! You are amazing!"

Pedro, Portugal

  "Two months ago I couldn't imagine that at this time I would be speaking and writing english like I can now. So I'm such proud of me and I just wanna say "Thank you" for all of you guys, because all of you have been contributed for my growth :)"

Veronika, Russia

   "​I was learning English in this school for 1 month every day during my vacation in US. It was really great experience. I met students from different countries. That helped me understand English speech with different accents. After one-month studying my  English skills greatly improved. Now I enjoy chatting with my new American friends. Before I could understand a lot, but I couldn't  say anything. I'd like to say the biggest thanks to my favorite teacher Susie. Her professionalism helped me believe in my skills. She  has her own method, which makes the lessons simple and comfortable. I am looking forward to my next vacation to continue practicing English in Forum center."

Viviane, Brazil

"I would like to thank the Forum Intensive English Center for helping me improve my English! I really enjoyed the course because the methods are effective!" 

Alber, Israel

"Hey I'm Alber I moved to the U.S. in July and I started my English classes in August with the most amazing people and the wonderful teacher and by six weeks I just felt I'm ready to involve with people and I really started to feel more comfortable and I had a lot of terrific experiences and it's really nice to give it a try if you need some help because your gonna enjoy every single moment."

Eric, Ukraine

 "Wonderful school, with special intensive approach. This school has helped me to master many useful skills to prepare for TOEFL! I would recommend everyone to improve your English in this school."