The weather and four seasons. Beautiful landscapes throughout the entire year.

The changing seasons is breathtaking. Toasty summers and frigid winters, beautiful fall and blossoming spring. We have it all!

During spring session, the cherry blossom festival takes place and provides an amazing experience for more than 1.5 million of people who visit the capital every year to admire the trees. This event happens every year in Washington DC since 1912 when Japanese donated around 3000 trees to the country as a symbol of the growing friendship between The United States and Japan. Peak bloom is a magical event and usually occurs on April, but that date changes year-to-year. The best viewing of the cherry blossom trees typically lasts four to seven days around the most popular point, Tidal Basin.

During fall all the leaves changing their colors make a unique experience around the city. Lots of outdoor activities provide the opportunity to welcome the cold that is close to happen. Even your way back home turns into a magical moment during this session. Orange, yellow, and red leaves turn the city into an inspiring place.

Winter is another show! We have snow and lots of fun with ice skating activities and winter festivals. Snow is beautiful, and it brings with it the Thanksgiving and Christmas session. This season is such a special moment for our Forum Family because it is the period that we are able to be grateful for all the students and friendships that we make all over the world. Christmas time is also so special because we organize a Christmas party for the family when we are able to connect even more with all our friends and welcome a new year that is about to come.

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